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Seaberry Garden & Flower 2021-04-02 @Victoria
Happy Easter! Both stores are open through the long weekend with regular business hours.
Seaberry Garden & Flower 2021-03-05 @Victoria
Often referred to as the purple shamrock, this beautiful and curious plant actually comes from Brazil! Oxalis triangularis has stunning triangular, three-lobed leaves – each lobe like a pair of butterfly wings — in vivid purple-maroon and shades of wine-red. In summer, the leaves are accompanied by numerous small, trumpet-shaped pinkish or white blooms. Incidentally, the foliage has a photonastic response — in other words, the leaves open up during the day and close again at night! It is a frost-tender plan. Luckily, it does adapt very well to indoor conditions, and it can survive and indeed thrive, for many years as a long-lived houseplant. Available at both stores from Mar 4th. .
Seaberry Garden & Flower 2021-03-03 @Victoria
“Black Magic” Alocasia. It’s a tuberous tropical plant with smoky purplish-black leaves (up to 2’ long). Grows up to 6’ tall. Perform best in filtered sun or part shade spot with organically rich moist soil. All parts may cause mild stomach upset if ingesting without cooking. We have only ten of these tubers in. Hurry!!! .
Seaberry Garden & Flower 2021-02-22 @Victoria
Here’s something different. 🌵🌵🌵Senecio Stapeliiformis ( a.k.a pickle plant, candle stick), is a rare and unusual succulent native to South Africa. It has pencil-like stems with soft spines along the edges. New shoots pop up from the base of the mother plant. A large reddish-orange flower forms above each stem in the summer. This unique pest and disease tolerant plant does best in a warm sunny spot. And - we can’t say this enough, easy on the watering. Allow the soil to dry out between waterings. Also too much fertilizer will cause a lot of leggy growth. We will have them in stock at the beginning of April. Keep your eyes on our ins stories.
Seaberry Garden & Flower 2021-02-22 @Victoria
Heads up!! “A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.” – Zen Shin Wish all the flowers out there a happy Monday!
Seaberry Garden & Flower 2021-02-21 @Victoria
String of Turtles (Peperomia prostrata) is a tiny little Brazilian native succulent. It has slow growth rate, reaching full maturity (12”) in three to five years. It prefers bright indirect light. Succulent soil should not be used for Peperomia prostrata. Instead, a mix consisting mainly of organics should be used. One that is rich in peat is ideal. This formula is easily found in a commercial seed starting mix. It is native to the Brazilian rain forest, so it prefers slightly moist conditions. And last but not least, it is toxic to cats and dogs. We will have some smaller plants coming in the beginning of April. Please keep your eyes on our story. (Sorry we don’t reserve for this plant).
Seaberry Garden & Flower 2021-02-14 @Victoria
Love is in the air...with snow. . We are open today from 10-5:30 at @cookstreetvillage store. Matticks farm @shopmatticks store stays closed for today.
Seaberry Garden & Flower 2021-02-09 @Victoria
good advice from @seaberrygarden A big cold snap is coming tomorrow. Move all the tender plants inside. Cover any semi hardy perennials with tarp or blanket. If there are things that are dry they should be watered as necessary to protect them. And make sure you turn off the garden hose outside afterwards. ❄️❄️❄️
Seaberry Garden & Flower 2021-02-08 @Victoria
All of our Valentine’s Day designs are available online now. Link in bio. Always ask us if you want something different than any of those. We are here to make it extra special for you.
Seaberry Garden & Flower 2021-02-08 @Victoria
Valentine’s Day is a week away! Whether you’re celebrating your love, a pal, sending to a family member or gifting yourself, we have got you covered! If we can’t travel, we might as well soar with flowers! Each bouquet and arrangement are going to be unique and we can’t wait to dance in all of the love. Pre-order are still open “better early than late”. Give us a call at 2505907333 (cook st store) or2505903777 (Matticks farm store).

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