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The Ladybug Boutique 2021-11-09 @Victoria

So what are these, you ask? 🤨 These are “Flødeboller”! I call them chocolate covered sugar bombs… basically a cookie with a marshmallow (kind-of) filling covered in chocolate or chocolate and coconut. I have to admit they are quite tasty in a super sweet sorta way! They sure are popular, whatever you call them

The Ladybug Boutique 2021-11-03 @Victoria

Christmas is filling up the Ladybug! While there are certainly delays and some of the stock will be later than in most years, we have lots on the way! #scandinavianchristmas #shoplocal #shoplocalyyj #shopmatticks #matticksfarm #cordovabay #nisser #tomtar #christmasmugs

The Ladybug Boutique 2021-04-02 @Victoria
Terrice, our very local potter has just brought in some lovely owl themed pieces in amazing glazes. A percentage of each sale will go to the Land Conservancy to help them keep some places reserved just for nature.
The Ladybug Boutique 2021-03-05 @Victoria
To hop into spring 🙄 and help welcome the season, we have a whole run of beautiful Ekelund runners to add colour to your day...
The Ladybug Boutique 2021-03-05 @Victoria
Do you know what the first Sunday after the first full moon of spring adds up to? Yup, Easter Sunday! The movable feast on April 4th this year...
The Ladybug Boutique 2021-01-31 @Victoria
Just in and perfect for your Valentine, these little jugs are great for maple syrup... Check out the new glazes in the Zen cups, too!
The Ladybug Boutique 2021-01-14 @Victoria
Terrice, of “Pottery with a Purpose” has brought in a gorgeous selection of Zen cups and cereal/soup bowls to brighten our winter days!
The Ladybug Boutique 2020-12-25 @Victoria
Unusually this year, there are a few House Mouse calendars in stock! The perfect dose of cute for a, hopefully, much better New Year!
The Ladybug Boutique 2020-05-24 @Victoria

The Swedish Dish Cloth is your perfect choice for the endless wiping we are all doing! Spray your favourite disinfectant on the damp cloth and wipe away the bad!

The Ladybug Boutique 2020-05-22 @Victoria

Okay! Tomorrow, fingers crossed, the store should be open. My current kidney stone battle has retreated throughout the day and I’m hoping for a good night... think positive thoughts my way, please!


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