We use a variety of tools, platforms, channels and know how to help showcase businesses and their offerings. We tell people about you and allow you to provide timely updates of what's going on.

For Busineness
Onlineshop is a way to let people know about your business, your latest offerings and updates. Help people find your website, online shop and social media accounts.

Showcase your business and online offerings and keep our community and your customers updated about what's happening.

For communities
Onlineshop is an online marketplace of offerings from local businesses.

Search for stores offering Gift Cards/Certificates, links to to their websites and online shop, social media links, information about how to order over the phone, updates and more...

What's the plan? What's our Goal?
We believe that local and small/medium sized businesses have a great opportunity to compete with the big box stores and online powerhouses. We hope to be a community and group of tools to help you.

We're evolving rapidly and we will be updating constantly to improve features, functionality, layout and content. We welcome your ideas and feedback.

Send a message to our facebook or instagram with your suggestions and feedback (links at bottom of this page).

Email Address

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